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Tricking Your Body to Jump Higher

jump higher Your body is a spectacular machine! It really is. The way it functions and the high level at which it functions is amazing. You see there is a certain system to which your body functions and that system is the system of survival and to jump higher you must take advantage of that system!

Let me explain better because I know it may seem confusing. You see to jump higher you need explosive and powerful muscles. Now let’s say you weren’t built with explosive and powerful muscles does that mean you should sit home and do nothing? Absolutely not because you can manipulate your bodies instinct for survival and BUILD powerful and explosive muscles!

Allow me to further dive into it. When you train and workout what are you doing?

You’re actually breaking down muscles fibres at a microscopic level. When that happens your body is forced to rebuild because it needs to survive! It can’t tell that you’re training or lifting weights or any such thing. All it understands is that it is under attack and it must respond by building stronger muscles to resist another “attack” like the one you unleashed on it.

To your body training intensely is an attack on it. So if you want to jump higher you need to build more explosive muscles and that can be done by training intensely and explosively. When you train explosively you force your body to rebuild strong more explosive muscles and that will eventually allow you to jump higher.

So now you understand the science of jumping higher. It’s a truly amazing thing! Now you know that regardless of your genetics you can achieve a high vertical and you can truly jump high so don’t lose hope.

Now the next thing you need to pay attention to is to be explosive in your training. You see there is a common mistake in people who think any sort of training will do and any sort of training will give you a high vertical and help you jump higher but that’s very untrue.

If you train with half an effort you’re going to get half results, nothing more, and nothing less. Even if you train to muscle failure but are training at a slow and controlled pace you won’t build explosive muscles. You must always be explosive and you must always train explosively. That’s the only way you’re going to build fast twitch muscles and this jump higher.

So whatever training regimen you choose make sure that your performing one that is explosive and one that involves explosive movements because you don’t want all your hard work to go to waste. Always keep in mind that jumping higher is an explosive movement and if you want to jump higher you need to be explosive. If you plant apple seeds you’re going to get apples so is sure to plant the right seeds.

Now you understand how your body works and how you can use it to jump higher. If you’re not born with the greatest genetics have no fear because you can overcome it with a little hard work.

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