Top teams in NFC already appear vulnerable


National Conference Champion game or NFC is the final play off of two games in semi-final for National football league which is also known as one of the greatest league of professionals of footballs in the United States. The first game of this league was played in 1970 which was just like a merger between two other famous leagues, National Football League and American Football League. After the time of 1985, each winner gets the trophy of George Halas, who was the founder as well as the owner of Chicago Bears of NFL for a large duration of time. The first game of NFC played in 1970 was won by Dallas Cowboys who defeated San Francisco 49ers with 7 scores. The history repeated again next time in 1971 but this time Dallas Cowboys defeated San Francisco with 11 scores. The only difference was the difference of location as the first game was played in Kezar Stadium, California whereas the next one was played in Texas Stadium, Texas. If we look over the current figures for the recently played game then it is found that Seattle Seahawks have defeated Green Bay Packers with the difference of only 6 scores. However, the game was tough because Seattle Seahawks scored 28 whereas Green Bay Packers scored 22. The above mentioned figures of 2015 clearly show that the visitors have enjoyed a lot with ups and downs of games because when you are in stadium then you are quite relaxed and free due to which you can enjoy fully without getting risk of losing every point and charm of the game.

National conference champion game (or NFC) is one of the largest surviving seed which are hosting the football game for about many years. From the season of 1984, the winner of this game is also receiving another George Halas Trophy which is named after the owner and coach of Chicago Bears who was also a member of NFL. Many players of the game have been fined heavily for their mistakes or breaking the rules of game. For example, Chris Mathews from Seattle Seahawks has been fined about $11,000 for phantom crotch grab. These rules are implemented to every player due to which they follow the game terms in a right way and it produces a unique charm in the game. Dallas Cowboys are one of the best teams that have achieved the title of most victories by winning 8 games. On the other hand, New York Giants is one of other best teams that have achieved most victories without any loss and the recently game of NFC that they have won was played in 2011. San Francisco 49ers is also one of the best teams and is listed at top among those teams that have hosted NFC most of the times. They hosted NFC for 9 times in which recently they hosted in 2011. If we see the ratings of TV with respect to each game then the figures of 2014 are highest till now. There were 55.91 million viewers in 2014 for NFC who were enjoying with the amazing scenes of games.

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