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Folding Bikes Review 2015

This article is related to the use and description of important type of bicycle, known as folding bicycle. It is a special type of bicycle which can be folded easily and moved from one place to another like a luggage when you are not using it. As you cannot use bicycles for a long journey because it requires burning of calories continuously, so you can easily use it where the path is of few kilometers and you cannot cover it by foot. At that time, you can prefer bicycles. You can easily ride on it whenever you are going away from your home to the bus stop or nearer shopping store. You can even take with you just like a packed luggage whenever you are travelling inside a train or bus but you think that you will need it when you will reach at other place.

Folding bicycles are designed in such a way that they can be folded easily to move them from one place to another. Not only you can take these bicycles just like your bag but you can also keep them in the corner of your house which will occupy the minimum space. Now days, these bikes are preferred over other bikes because these occupy minimum space and have made the life of those people easier who travel hundreds of kilometers daily but need the use of bicycles with them. Folding bicycles are more common because of their compact system and the property of occupying less space during the transportation or travelling. Another name of these bicycles is portable bikes because they are also very less in weight. You have no need to get any knowledge or any skill to fold these bicycles because these are very easy and can be folded easily within 30 seconds. You can easily ride it for moving on to the bus stop and when you arrive at bus stop, unfold the bike and then keep on going to your workplace with your bike. One more great reason for the preference of such bikes over other bikes is that these bikes provide un-restricted carriage for the public transport. These can be changed to a very small thing within few seconds due to which you will have no restriction to carry with them and it will help you a lot in your journey especially during the time when you are tired or unable to move by foot.

Folded bikes are usually expensive and are available in wide ranges. You cannot judge the quality of any bike with the price exactly because the requirements of each bike are different and you need to choose them in a right way. For this purpose, you have no need to get any knowledge because this site provides you a best source of getting knowledge about different folding bikes and for even their management. You can select your own bike by checking the full list of all the folding bikes which are available and will provide you a full support during your journey. is a Revolutionary website for learning more about foldable bikes.

Valverde wins fourth stage of Vuelta

Valverde wins fourth stage of Vuelta

It is good news for Spanish people that former champion Alejandro Valverde has won the fourth stage of Vuelta. Vuelta is a bicycle race that is held annually in Spain for multiple stages. From this news, it is directly clear that Sagan who recently won his first Grand Tour stage for two years had to settle for second place. On the other hand, Valverde won three week Grand Tour in 2009 and then moved up in the major classification to 25 seconds behind Chaves. His Movistar team mate Nairo Quinta remained off the leader’s pace with 36 second only whereas Chris Froome still 40 seconds back. Froome is aiming to be the third man in the history who will win the Tour de France and Vuelta in the same year. On the other hand, Valverde said that the final climb was very good demanding for him and he was looking at the profile of stages. After the promotion to fourth stage, he has decided to move to the top and he is in great practice in order to achieve the title of Vuelta. Moreover, he has also impressed others with his skills due to which he became the former champion of this bicycle race. Spanish people are also willing to see him at the top and want him to get the title of race. After winning the fourth stage of Vuelta, he has proved himself as one of the best cyclists this year and he has to work hard and get more wins in order to prove his skills onwards.

Valverde wins fourth stage of Vuelta

Among the winning stages of Vuelta, 14 riders are in lists who have won more than 10 stages. Delio Rodriguez from Spain is at the top with the victory of 39 games and proved himself as one of the best cyclists in the history. No one could even try to break this record because the second one in the list has won only 20 games who is Alessandro Petacchi from Italy. Spain is at the top for achieving maximum number of victories and hosted Vuelta for many times. The longest edition of Vuelta was in 1941 which was of about 4440km and the shortest edition was in 1963 which was of about 2429 km. The fastest average speed was in 2001 which was 42.534km/h whereas the slowest average speed was in 1941 which was about 26.262km/h.

Valverde is now among one of the top listed winners in Spain who is willing to get the title of present stage of Vuelta. Moreover, he also collected the silver medal in UCI Road World Championships for two times in 2003 and 2005 and collected the bronze medal four times in 2006, 2012, 2013 and 2014. He had to face the tough time of his life as well when he was suspended from game for two years during a large court battle but returned to the competition in 2012 after the completion of ban. Now the people of Spain want him to be promoted in the next stages as he won the previous stages.


Top teams in NFC already appear vulnerable


National Conference Champion game or NFC is the final play off of two games in semi-final for National football league which is also known as one of the greatest league of professionals of footballs in the United States. The first game of this league was played in 1970 which was just like a merger between two other famous leagues, National Football League and American Football League. After the time of 1985, each winner gets the trophy of George Halas, who was the founder as well as the owner of Chicago Bears of NFL for a large duration of time. The first game of NFC played in 1970 was won by Dallas Cowboys who defeated San Francisco 49ers with 7 scores. The history repeated again next time in 1971 but this time Dallas Cowboys defeated San Francisco with 11 scores. The only difference was the difference of location as the first game was played in Kezar Stadium, California whereas the next one was played in Texas Stadium, Texas. If we look over the current figures for the recently played game then it is found that Seattle Seahawks have defeated Green Bay Packers with the difference of only 6 scores. However, the game was tough because Seattle Seahawks scored 28 whereas Green Bay Packers scored 22. The above mentioned figures of 2015 clearly show that the visitors have enjoyed a lot with ups and downs of games because when you are in stadium then you are quite relaxed and free due to which you can enjoy fully without getting risk of losing every point and charm of the game.

National conference champion game (or NFC) is one of the largest surviving seed which are hosting the football game for about many years. From the season of 1984, the winner of this game is also receiving another George Halas Trophy which is named after the owner and coach of Chicago Bears who was also a member of NFL. Many players of the game have been fined heavily for their mistakes or breaking the rules of game. For example, Chris Mathews from Seattle Seahawks has been fined about $11,000 for phantom crotch grab. These rules are implemented to every player due to which they follow the game terms in a right way and it produces a unique charm in the game. Dallas Cowboys are one of the best teams that have achieved the title of most victories by winning 8 games. On the other hand, New York Giants is one of other best teams that have achieved most victories without any loss and the recently game of NFC that they have won was played in 2011. San Francisco 49ers is also one of the best teams and is listed at top among those teams that have hosted NFC most of the times. They hosted NFC for 9 times in which recently they hosted in 2011. If we see the ratings of TV with respect to each game then the figures of 2014 are highest till now. There were 55.91 million viewers in 2014 for NFC who were enjoying with the amazing scenes of games.


Women’s Ashes: England v Australia


Ashes are one of the best test series that is held between Australia and England for many years. As far as women’s ashes are concerned, it is actually a series in international test cricket of women between Australia and England. Australia cricket team is one of the best teams in the history of cricket that has recently won the cricket world cup for ODI’s and is well known for its excellence in the field of cricket. On the other hand, the performance of England with respect to cricket cannot be ignored because they have improved themselves up to a great extent in few years and have now quality players in their team.

The first test series of women’s cricket teams between Australia and England was held in 1934 to 1935. It was not only the game because the captain of England was not ready to be linked with the concepts of male cricketers for Tests and Ashes so she called it to be the game of love. From that time, the women’s cricketers started improving themselves after learning too many techniques for test cricket. No doubt, they started from zero at that time but everything gets better and better with the passage of time. The new trophy for women’s ashes was produced in the year 2013. The total number of test series played between England and Australia for women are 21 among which 48 test matches are played. Each test series varies from 1 to 5 matches. Among 48 test matches, Australia has won 12 matches whereas England has won 9 whereas remaining 27 were drawn. Similarly, if we see with respect to series then Australia has won 8 series and England has won 6. From the figures, it is clear that the competition of women’s test cricket between two countries is always tough due to which it creates a great excitement and a sense of enjoyment for those who come to see that cricket from far off places.


Among the most wicket takers, Betty Wilson from Australia is the most dominant who has played only 9 matches but is at the top with the most wickets taking figures.i.e.53. On the other hand, Myrtle Maclagan from England is at the third position with 51 wickets with an economy of 1.68. She was one of the best bowlers in the history of women’s cricket teams because of his bowling skills and played cricket for more than 5 years up to 2005. If we see with respect to batting, Meg Lanning from Australia is at the top who scored more than 700 runs within 20 matches only at the average of about 35. On the other hand, Charlotte Edwards from England is at the top as she scored 630 runs within only 20 matches at the average of 30. One strange thing about Charlotte is that she did not even score a century but is still regarded among one of the best cricketers due to his outstanding average of runs.

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Tricking Your Body to Jump Higher

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